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“Ramunėlės vaistinė“ provides compounding services, preparing personalized medications for patients, based on the doctor’s prescription and (or) the order of a personal health care institution. The therapeutics can be ordered at “Ramunėlės vaistinė“by phone: 8 313 56008, 8 41 552879 The manufactured therapeutics will be delivered to the “Ramunėlės vaistinė“ of your choice.

The reception of orders

The orders are being accepted on Mondays-Fridays 8 am – 3 pm. The pharmacy specialist will evaluate the order and provide the client feedback. If the pharmacy is capable of preparing the

therapeutics, it will provide the client with the cost and term in which it will be manufactured.

The pharmacy specialist can inquire for a photo or scanned copy of a pharmaceutical prescription to be sent via e-mail.

Send your prescription

After the client accepts the order, the order is being proceeded to the manufacturing stage. The therapeutics will be manufactured according to the single-use individual prescription.


The payment is made upon receiving the therapeutics in the pharmacy.

Receiving your order

The manufactured therapeutics can be received at the selected “Ramunėlės vaistinė“ after providing an original, valid, single-use prescription. The pharmacist will provide all the necessary information about the medicine and its use. If upon arrival you will not be able to provide the original prescription or it will not be valid, the therapeutics will not be handed! The manufactured therapeutics will be held in the pharmacy for ten days.

Important information:

If you suspect that you are experiencing a negative effect of the therapeutics, inform your doctor or pharmacists, or e-mail the State Medicines Control Agency at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania at or in any other way, as directed on the website of this institution The report form to inform about the negative effect of the therapeutics:

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